Pastor Shane Ogdie


Michael Shane Ogdie is a second generation Pastor. He attended Trinity Baptist Bible College in Arlington, TX, and finished his degree at Blessed Hope Baptist College. Pastor Ogdie has served in almost every capacity at various churches throughout his 20 years of Christian service. In August of 2008, he became the Pastor of Woodland Hills Baptist Church. Next year will be his 10th year at the church. He has a growing vision for the church, and it has only just begun!

Pastor Ogdie’s ministry is two-fold. Firstly, he leads with a strong emphasis on being faithful to the Lord. Secondly, he feels the family is very important, teaching that there should be a good balance between both serving the Lord, and quality family time. He is very proud of his church family and promotes leading a life with a servant’s heart. He believes in teaching and preaching the Word of God, and is a loving pastor who welcomes new families into the church with open arms.

In June of 1995, Pastor Ogdie married his wife Misty and they now have four beautiful children, Devin, Taylor, Nathan, and Katlyn. The entire Ogdie family enjoys serving the Lord, and are very involved in various ministries of the church. The eldest son, Devin and eldest daughter, Taylor are both currently attending Common Wealth Baptist College.  

Pastor Francisco Maya


Francisco (Pancho) Maya was born and raised in Tyler, TX. He was reached at the age of 8 through the bus ministry of WHBC. In 1996, he surrendered to full time Christian service. Pastor Maya is a graduate of Woodland Hills Baptist Christian Academy. He attended Texas Baptist College in Longview, TX and graduated with Bachelor of Missions in 2005. Pastor Maya and his wife, Liz, met at Woodland Hills Baptist Church and were married in 2003. Mrs. Maya is also a graduate of Woodland Hills Baptist Christian Academy and Texas Baptist College. They have 4 children; Sarai, Samuel, Daniel and David Maya.

In 2006, Dr. Wiley Bennett asked Bro. Pancho to pastor the Spanish mission of WHBC. Pastor Maya has now been faithfully serving in that ministry, first under the leadership of Dr. Bennett and now under Pastor Ogdie, for 11 years. It is Bro. Pancho’s earnest desire to reach the lost Spanish speaking population of Tyler and to teach them to go out and do the same.

Mrs. Savanna Loy


Savanna Loy was saved in October of 2010.  Savanna was not raised in a Christian home, but had a desire to go to church, and started visiting local baptist churches. Her husband had suggested she visit Woodland Hills Baptist Church because his family had been there to visit before. On the day before they were planning to visit WHBC, Pastor Ogdie left a track on their door. The Loy’s then knew this was the church they needed to visit, and became members in 2010.

Savanna is married to Jordan Loy, and they have adopted two children, Cooper and Logan and after trying for many years, they just recently found out they are pregnant.  Currently, Mrs. Savanna has been the secretary of the church since 2011, and teaches the children’s church Sunday school with her husband. Savanna loves serving the Lord, and is so happy to now be a faithful and active member of a loving church family.